Money Laundering!

Money laundering consists of using different instruments of money flow to convert illegally obtained funds to legally appearing funds making it appear as if it came from a legitimate source. Most countries and regions have a strict anti money laundering policy, including China, Hong Kong, where is WTMakers registered. WTMakers is against all types of money laundering and does not take part in any activity evolving with these trades. WTMakers, its staff and representatives view money laundering as a very serious attack against moral and ethics values and are thus willing to collaborate against these activities by verifying the identity of account holders and exchangers to investigate suspicious activities, which will be reported to the legal authorities in charge upon confirmation of such activities. All transactions and identification records are kept in our system for a minimum of ten years and our staff is constantly trained to look for suspicious activities in relation to any WTMakers account and also how to proceed under such circumstances. WTMakers reinforces its policy against money laundering and is willing to help the local and international legal authorities in fighting criminal activity.

WTMakers will not deal with anyone directly or indirectly involved in any type of criminal activity, including money laundering. WTMakers may terminate an account or service provided without prior notice if an account holder does not follow terms and guidelines and reserves the right to refuse transactions at anytime, if WTMakers staff suspects of fraudulent funds, including but not limited to money laundering or law violations. WTMakers will not only strictly follow the above to against any Money Laundering Prevention, but also strictly does requests our customers to follow up with below action.

What am I asked to do?

You may find that you are requested to confirm your identity and provide some personal details. WTMakers has put in place a dedicated system of identity verification which ensures the safety and security of both your WTMakers account and the entire payment system. Besides, your transaction volume limit is directly dependent upon the extent to which your identity has been verified.


You could be asked to confirm your identity whether you are applying to be a new customer or have been a customer for some time. While our identity verification systems are designed to minimize any inconvenience for you, the verification process may take several days to be completed.


Crime and terrorism need money. Criminals turn the "dirty" cash made from drug trafficking, smuggling and robbery into clean money by using false identities or taking the names of innocent people like you. Making sure that people who say they are essential in the fight against crime and terrorism, which does not mean in any way that suspicion is falling on you. Any information about your identity is held confidentially and will help to stop your identity being used falsely.

Who is involved?

Government and all organizations involved in financial services. All are united in their determination to stop the spread of financial crime as part of the international effort to crack down on financial crime, protecting us all against crime and terrorism. Your co-operation is vital to the successful fight against crime and terrorism.

What the law requires:

We may be required to verify your identity and address.
We are required to keep full records of all transactions together with identification provided.
We are required to monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions of any size.